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Pictures of Friends
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Charles Timothy "Kokomo" Gunther - drums
August 29, 1958 - October 2, 2005

Tim Gunther played blues. Nothin but. Originally from Kokomo Indiana, he moved to Atlanta when he was young and his blues education began with his mom who sang with the legendary Piano Red. Tim played with all of the local ATL blues bands and toured the world with such acts as Sean Costello, Big Mike & the Booty Papas, Big Bill Morganfield and The Breeze Kings.

On Sunday October 2, 2005, at approximately 9:30am, the Breeze Kings were involved in an auto accident in Lake City FL. Three of us – Carlos, Jim, and Matt, escaped bruised and broken hearted. Our friend and drummer, Tim Gunther, was not so lucky and passed away at the scene. We hope that thoughts of the great gig we played the night before were in Tim’s dreams as he was sleeping in the van at the time the accident occurred. The rest of us: band members, musicians, fans, and friends, will cherish our memories of Tim.

Tim's album credits include:
South Side Jukes – Cool Place To Go
Roger ‘Hurricane’ Wilson – Business of the Blues
Sean Costello – Cuttin’ In
Little Joey’s Jump ‘n Jive – Just Gettin Started
Mudcat – Kickin’ Chicken


"Sweet" Sam "Sammy" Myers   February 19, 1936 – July 17, 2006

We were fortunate to become friends with Sam in the early days of our band. On 10/12/2000 Sam was playing in Atlanta. We could not attend because we had a show of our own. After his own show, Sam showed up at ours and brought Sweet Betty with him. He walked right up on stage mid song and stole the show right out from under us!!
 - photo by V. Tseng

   with Sweet Betty with Sweet Betty


"Weepin" Tommy Brown   5/27/1931 - 3/12/2016

The Breeze KIngs were fortunate to form a lasting friendship and partnership with Tommy Brown. We played a lot of gigs together and loved any opportunity to be around Tommy and hear his tales of a lifetime of music.
Check out www.tommybrownblues.com



Chick "Stoop Down Man" Willis   9/24/1934 - 12/7/2013

Few could light up the stage like the Stoop Down man. One of the first true ATL legends to really treat a young Breeze Kings band as friends.



Eddie "Tig" Tigner  8/11/1926 - 4/18/2019

Nobody in Atlanta blues gave more love and was more beloved than Eddie Tigner. Nobody.



Cootie Stark & Frank Edwards

Jan 2002 Carlos playing with Edde Tignor and sittin with Cootie Stark and Frank Edwards at a concert put on by Music Maker Relief Foundation and Georgia Music Hall of Fame. Photo by Terri Capote



Sean Costello  4/16/1979 - 4/15/2008

Our friend. One of us. #ATLblues  Gone too soon.



Frank E. "Frankie" Moates   1954-2009

My brother. We hit that note. We had some fun. Never forgotten.



Donald E. "Donnie Mac" McCormick   1944 - 1/11/2009

Pure artist. Pure music. Pure unbridled soul.

   Bill Sheffield & Donnie Macormick


Ruth Ellyn Webb   2/2/1954 - 5/11/2017

She gave us a home.

   Bill Sheffield & Donnie Macormick


Neal "Big Daddy" Pattman   January 10, 1926 – May 4, 2005

Athens GA's original country blues man

   with Sweet Betty with Sweet Betty


Evan Lee Frayer   May 25, 1967 – February 29, 2020

Earned my very first $ as a musician playing with Evan in ATL many years ago. I was learning so I was gladly there for free, but a single $5 bill was our one & only tip that night and he insisted I keep it. I still have that bill in a scrapbook somewhere.








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Pictures of Friends
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