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Tying One On For The People (1999)     You Got To Bring Some To Get Some (2003)     Two Guys Live (2010)    Can't Stay Home (2012)

The Breeze Kings have proudly been featured ELEVEN times in Creative Loafing's annual Best of Atlanta issue.
1999 Critic's Choice for Best Blues Band in Atlanta
2000 Reader's Choice for Best Blues Band in Atlanta
2001 Reader's Choice for Best Blues Band in Atlanta
2004 Reader's Choice for Best Blues Band in Atlanta
2005 Reader's Choice for Best Blues Band in Atlanta
2006 Reader's Choice for Best Blues Band in Atlanta
2007 Reader's Choice for Best Blues Band in Atlanta
2008 Reader's Choice for Best Blues Band in Atlanta
2010 Reader's Choice for Best Blues Band in Atlanta
2015 Reader's Choice for Best Blues Band in Atlanta
2019 Critic's Choice for Best Dance Band in Atlanta .... The Breeze Kings!!

"The Breeze Kings hit you on every level. Driving rhythm, blistering guitar, and the fierce attack of Carlos the Breeze Capote's harmonica. This band holds the music close to their hearts. You have to see them to understand." -Mike Kane, producer and host of Blue Sunday radio show on Z93 92.9FM (Atlanta)

"The crowd-pleasing blues band blasts away.  This no bullshit quartet flies the Double D flag, givin' the people what they want: music to keep folks drinkin' and dancin'.  The rest is up to you." -Lee Smith, Creative Loafing (Atlanta)

"The Breeze Kings are rapidly becoming one the premier blues groups in the South. Never bound by any one style, they can stretch out and do great Texas, Chicago, and Delta blues. Their sets are carefully constructed to give you a great blend of originals and standards with boundless enthusiasm. From a club owners perspective, the guys are easy to work with and great people. The Breeze Kings are audience friendly, any audience, and they are building up a very loyal following wherever they play." -Dr. Russell "The Blues Doctor" Linnemann, member of Blues Foundation Board of Directors, host of Handy Award nominee WUTC Blues & More radio show Wed. 8-11pm, and Chattanooga event promoter and booking agent.

"The Breeze Kings manage to skirt the line between fidelity to the genre and honesty to the listener ... i.e. they're old school without trying to prove it with cartoonish gestures to some ephemeral Blues God.  They won't try to pretend that Muddy Waters has laid his golden hand on their heads and that they are somehow the rightful heirs to a ghostly tradition, but they will pay homage to the forebears without making you feel like you're watching a "Blues as a Themepark" nightclub act.  A top notch band with one of the best frontmen in the south.  If you're like us and feel like the word "blues" has gotten a bad name by the outfits that make a caricature of the music, you'll be sold without feeling like you were ever asked to buy." -Cole Skinner and Gayle Thrower, booking agents for Radiogram (The Echo Lounge and Star Community Bar, Atlanta)

"Carlos is a wonderful entertaining musician able to adapt to any crowd and any partners for a pleasurable well blown blues experience." -Jeff Dunham, Music Director of Z93 92.9FM (Atlanta)

"A pumping sound that won't let you sit still. One of the freshest bands to emerge from Atlanta's budding blues scene." -Richard "Bald Man" Forrester, Atlanta booking agent and host of Good Morning Blues radio show on WRFG 89.3FM (Atlanta)

"The Breeze Kings are a true breath of fresh air. Carlos' vocals and harp playing take this band to an entirely new level. Jim's smooth style of guitar is unmatched and the rhythm section comprised of Dave on bass and Joe on drums drives this incredibly talented group of musicians. We're gonna hear a lot more from these guys!" -Dave Marino, DJ and former host of Blue Sunday radio show on Z93 92.9FM (Atlanta)

Creative Loafing (Atlanta) - : Music Review Section, by Gregory Nicoll- In three separate articles from 4/98 to 5/98, the following was said of the Breeze: "flashy.....colorful.....a scene-stealing harmonica player.....plays with fiery passion.....interaction with the crowd that I've rarely encountered in conventional blues acts.....great work!"

The Scene (Atlanta): April 4, 1998-The Bar Scene section. A Review of the Northside Tavern. "The Party Pack dropped in right in the middle of the Breeze Kings set. They were rolling it out like there was no tomorrow. It was good to see a group do justice to the men on the wall. On the wall behind the stage are pictures of blues legends both living and dead."

"I have great blues here every night of the week, but I never miss a Thursday night with the Breeze Kings." -Ellyn Webb, owner of the Northside Tavern (Atlanta)

"The brothers Breeze are not just a band, they are an inspiration! Lip smacking, dance inspiring, mood altering, booty grooving. Easily could be called the Smooth Kings." -Dorothy Mann (owner) & Stella House (entertainment mgr), Blue Sky Tavern (McDonough, GA)

"The only thing stronger then these guys' musical prowess is their professionalism. Over the years, whether it's been a Friday night jam, a private party, or a special event, my every dealing with these guys has been totally up front, professional, and accurate. Complete talent like this makes my job easier." -Ben Tunnell, manager of The Dalton Depot (Dalton, GA)

"A class act. Full of style. All around professionals!" -Kevin Jennings, Atlanta booking agent

"All the blues fans and blues bands in town better watch out, cause the Breeze Kings are kicking ass!." -Danny "Mudcat" Dudeck, Atlanta blues performer

"I've been onstage with all of you guys at one time or another, and I got to tell you ... together you're Hot ... Hot ... Hot !!! Go ahead and tie one on for me. POWER TO THE BREEZE ..........." -Heaven Davis, Atlanta blues performer, fmr vice-president Atlanta Blues Society

"This band has got it. Musical talent, song selection, strong sincere vocals, and a great show." -Tinsley Ellis, International blues superstar

"That's as good as anybody I ever seen around here, and you just startin." -Mr. Frank Edwards, Atlanta blues legend

"These guys are truly hot!" -Carlin Smith, fmr President Atlanta Blues Society, October '98 newsletter.

"Fabulous. Dangerous. A complete revelation. Everything they do swings, even when they rock. Can I say fabulous again?" -Vincent Tseng, Atlanta music reviewer.

"The Breeze Kings have the look and sound of an authentic '50's juke joint blues band." -Kevin Sechrist, Digital City Atlanta

"A steller performance." -Will Davis, LocalMusic.com

"A couple of years ago I was rocking hardcore to The Urban Shakedancers when this guy with slicked back pompadour hair and a harp got onstage. The guy's voice and harp playing actually took one of my favorite bands up a couple of notches! What the hell, I thought, is this town just crawling with people who can walk in off the street and blow your mind or what? Turned out the guy's name was Carlos Capote and he had a band of his own called The Breeze Kings -- "breeze" meaning "harp blowin'." Listen and love." -Art Howard, Voyager Magazine (Atlanta)

"The Breeze, cool & slow ~ smooth, like a cold beer on the edge of the bayou.  That's the blues ... Cajun style.  Add a vintage hollowbody, a phat harp sound, & a pinch of rockabilly.  Now you're talkin' the Breeze Kings.  The kings of the Blues." -Kay Rowedder, orig owner Darwin's (Marietta, GA)

"Anxious to hear some good electric blues? Need great guitar, harp, and soulful vocals? Get yer hands on a copy of "Tying One On... For The People", by The Breeze Kings, from Atlanta, Georgia. Your "jones" will be cured before you know it, 'cause now you're moving involuntarily to the sounds emanating from the speakers. You smile, realizing the "oh - yeah!' G spot was found, and you Ty One On. The Breeze Kings, uhn.. uhn.. uhn." -The Commander, host of Cadillac Blues 91.3 FM WLVR Bethlehem PA

"Anchored by bandleader Carlos Capote, BK define themselves by the blues they choose and the way they play it -- authentic, pre-rock excavations, mostly from '50s and '60s icons and lesser-knowns, delivered with a rowdy vigor that's true to the form." -Bryan Powell, Creative Loafing (Atlanta)

"There is a vibrant tone to their proceedings. One senses their respect for the purer aspects of the Blues. This combination goes all the way to produce a CD that is rockin' Blues at its best." -Gary W. Miller, BluesWax Magazine

"The Breeze Kings, led by harmonica player and singer Carlos "Cool Breeze" Capote, have conquered Atlanta with a jumping mix of styles that ranges from sweet home Chicago electric blues to sizzling Texas blues to raw-and-ready Mississippi Delta and Piedmont blues. The music swings, shuffles and shakes a mean tailfeather." -Kati Schardl, Tallahassee Democrat

"Before I ever heard these guys I knew that they had been voted Atlantas best blues band 3 years in a row. After I heard them, I knew exactly why and can only explain it like this... whenever these guys go to play a gig, they must take a spiritual detour through Chicago, Memphis and New Orleans. That's the only way that I can explain their show. They are original, authentic and entertaining as well as a lot of fun. You'll hear some of the best harmonica, guitar, bass, drums and blues vocals ever." -Harty Wiedemann, Blues Pros Talent

"Bennett and I enjoyed having the Breeze Kings as part of a very special event for clients and friends. Your "Rockin' Blues" really warmed up an otherwise, very cold evening. Aside from the awesome music, your professionalism and dependability was really appreciated. I know we will have many opportunities in the future to use the Breeze Kings for some of our LowCountry Barbecue events ..... as Barbecue and Blues just seem to go together. Many Thanks!!" -Johnny Ham and Bennett Brown, Pres. and V.P. of LowCountry Barbecue Inc.

"The crowd wooped and whistled to the great show by Carlos and the Breeze Kings on Saturday, Carlos drove the girls crazy with the last kiss!" -Ricky Dean, owner of ricky dean's 'olde town blues club' (Conyers, GA)

"This is a band that truly deserves the name "All-Star". A band with unique talent, wailing guitars, and soulful vocals. If you want a real dose of goodtime, sheer talent, and boogie woogie blues straight from the heart, The Breeze Kings is a don't miss act!" -Marlene Willard, Augusta Blues Society

"You and your band are top knotch. It is just a matter of time and hard work that you will find yourself on stages around the world." -Tim Duffy, Music Maker Relief Foundation

"A true pleasure with rich sounds that spring forth with freshness from an epoch that has all but vanished, or so we believed. Its the kind of CD that stays on the tray because it is always played. …… I am truly unable to find a fault in this record and that leaves me with only one lingering desire- that these musicians leave the US and come to....France??" -Erick Tonton, Blues & Co. Magazine, France and Belgium

"These musicians are standouts at their craft and write stellar songs. The Breeze Kings are a staple on our radio show." -Upper Room with Joe Kelley and Gi Dussault WVOF 88.5 FM in Fairfield, Connecticut

"Groovin' Babee! Carlos has that lonesome soul to his voice and that harp! Oh that harp! Can you spell "cool"?! The Breeze Kings got it goin' on. The slow shuffle of "Casanova Man" is one you hit the "repeat button" on the cd player." -Robb Morrison, host of the Sunday Blues Brunch on 95.7 WQMF Louisville KY and 107.3 KTHR Wichita KS

"RELIABLE BLUES: One of the most reliable nights of entertainment in town is the cool blast of weekly blues from one of Atlanta's most reliably swinging quartets." -Shane Harrison, AJC - Access Atlanta

"The Breeze Kings feature a sound deeply rooted in 1950s Chicago blues, but they also sneak in a healthy helping of Delta blues and R&B into the mix as well. Their recent release, You Got To Bring Some To Get Some (Veritone Records), showcases their considerable talents well on 14 tracks that groove from start to finish. There’s plenty of vintage Chicago material here with well-done covers along with some very good originals. You Got To Bring Some To Get Some is an excellent disc of great blues that should not be missed." -Graham Clarke, BluesBytes.com

"The band's musical ability stretches beyond their voices and instruments. Nine of the fourteen tracks are very well written originals. One of those CD's where each and every track was better than the last. I kept hitting replay because as the songs were ending, I wasn't ready for them to end." -Peter 'Blewzzman' Lauro, Mary4music.com January 2005

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