Elko Distribution and wholesale of IT and consumer electronics products



Elko role as a distributor of IT and CE products is to bring together our partners’ knowledge and make it available to our customers.

Company manufacturing Vet product for local market. previously engaged in marketing and sales in pharmaceuticals and others. eventually move to market on third party basis, major segments given on net and trading for filling local market . future focus is to develop new area and segments for onward.
In 1993, four young IT students started buying components, assembling computers and gaining a substantial share in, what was then, a very green IT market in Latvia.

Within a year, the first distribution contracts were concluded with giants of the IT industry, such as Seagate, Western Digital and Samsung. This was the beginning of rapid growth and regional expansion over the subsequent years.

Today, the ELKO Group has been a preferred partner in the market for 30 years, with more than 1100 employees and a strong regional presence in Europe and Central Asia.


Extensive IT product range of components, PCs, notebooks, smartphones, tablets, wearables, office electronics, peripherals and software in wholesale.


The fast-growing segment of small and major domestic appliances, TV sets, health and wellness products, scooters and other gadgets.


For solution providers, we ensure the necessary competence and capacity to solve unique business challenges.


To be a preferred long-term partner in the market.


Our role as a distributor of IT & CE products is to link the knowledge of our partners and make it readily accessible to our customers.


Collaboration. Advancement. Knowledge sharing. Reliability. Passion.

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